About Me

Carolyn Mahony – Author of Psychological Thrillers and Romantic Suspense.

Have you ever had a dream? One that you believed was way beyond your furthest reach? For me it was the dream of becoming an author – something I never imagined could become a reality. But now it has and I’m loving it – creating stories and characters that I hope will enthrall you as much as they do me.

So … my chosen genre is what I call psychological drama with bite! I believe the current in-phrase is “Grit-Lit!” I always used to assume that it was more women’s fiction that I wrote, but in fact one of the nicest reviews I got for Cry From The Grave was five stars from a thirty year old man, and since then I’ve received some great emails from men, so I’ve had to rethink that assumption! People will always ask an author what gave them the idea for their book, and for me it’s the, ‘What If,’ scenario. Whether it’s some quirk of fate or some carefully orchestrated sabotage that rocks our world, some of the darkest events in life can happen to the most ordinary of people – and tragedy, loss and fear hit hard.  These events affect us as we imagine how we might feel in the same circumstances – seeking that happy ending that can all too often remain elusive.  These are the sorts of situations that fire the backdrop of my novels, but although my topics can be hard hitting, they’re not too dark and I like to have strong, independent protagonists who don’t give up lightly! If you love that sort of story, welcome to my world!


As a child I lived in the stories of the books I read – head in the clouds, away with the fairies most of the time. I started to write my first novel aged fourteen – based on a mixed combination of Georgette Heyer’s stories, which I loved at the time. I think I made it to three chapters before I ran out of steam. A Levels were followed by a stint at the City of London College in Moorgate, where my career as an impressive PA was somewhat deflected by the arrival of children.

With the children at school, I went back to work part time but the real love of my life – writing – was always there, tugging away at me in the background, ensuring that the drawer in our office was never short of a manuscript or two. What I didn’t realise in those days was that those immortal words THE END were a con. They didn’t actually mean the end … what they meant was the beginning … Of the 1st edit … and the 2nd edit … and the next edit … and the next! It’s a long old process pulling a novel together, and I had a lot to learn.

Then dawned the New Age – Computers, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon – and suddenly a whole world opened up – and it just happened to coincide with a time in my life when I was ‘taking stock’. So five years ago, I ditched the day job and decided to take my writing more seriously. It’s been a long  journey for both me and all those around me, but it’s been worth every hour spent typing at my keyboard.  I’ve progressed from typical romance novels in my teens, twenties and thirties to a brief flirt with chic lit in my forties and now I seem to have settled on a hybrid mix of crime and romantic suspense. My method of writing is to ‘wing it!’  I get a single idea and I go with it – it’s as intriguing to me as I hope it is to you the reader, as the plot unfolds and the characters develop. I’ve loved every minute of it so far and CRY FROM THE GRAVE was a novel that had been bubbling away inside me for such a long time that it felt like I’d physically shed weight once it was let loose on the world! It’s a mystery/crime novel – although there’s just a touch of romance in there to keep the Romantic in me satisfied.  For more information on this, go here.  Since then, I’ve written two more novels with a fourth in process!

This is probably more than enough to give you a flavour of who I am. Thanks for dropping by, and do feel free to email me with any comments via my Contact page or don’t forget to sign up to my website above, if you’d like information regarding any releases/promotions, or to get your free copy of Cry From The Grave.

I’m @carolynmahony on Twitter or carolynmahony3 for FB. If you’d like to follow me there just connect via the links above. Look forward to hearing from you.