One Woman’s Search For The Truth

Hannah Walker’s life changed forever the day tragedy struck. Six years on, she is struggling to pick up the pieces of her life but her fragile existence is tipped on its axis by a macabre discovery. The truth will come out but is it one that Hannah can bear to confront?

Natasha Campbell’s unhappy childhood has haunted her throughout her life. Her marriage to Adam was the one good decision she made but even then she had secrets to hide. Now their marriage is on the rocks and she will do whatever it takes to hold onto him.
But secrets can’t stay buried for ever … and when they’re exposed, the truth can be devastating.
What is the mystery that haunts them all?

Three people drawn together by a crime; three lives torn apart by the chilling consequences. Secrets cannot stay buried forever. FREE when you sign up to my website or buy it UK here:   US, here:





Nine months ago Kirsty’s world fell apart when her fiancé broke off their engagement. Nine months ago she discovered things about her father she wished she hadn’t. Now her father’s accident brings her home to face her demons. And her ex-fiancé.

As she starts to dig deeper into the circumstances surrounding the accident, she finds herself thrown into a web of deceit more dangerous than she could ever have imagined. Can she even trust her family?

DS Harry Briscombe is facing a personal dilemma that threatens his career. Already immersed in a local murder investigation, Dominic Cartwright’s accident raises the unwelcome possibility that the two cases could be linked, and two more lives are on the line if he can’t find the killer quickly.

The Jagged Line … It’s A Dangerous Game When You Don’t Know Who To Trust

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COMING SOON:   SHADOW WATCHER … For more details on this, please take a look at my Work In Progress page and my Blog!