Work In Progress

The Good News is that all three of my novels have now been published – hurrah!  The Bad News is that I now have to go back to square one and start a completely new story. I do have one floating around in my head, but unfortunately, those little grey cells are taking a while to wake up and engage in a manner designed to put the whole plot together.   This is not an uncommon problem for me.  As I mentioned in my “About Me” page, I’m a winger. That means I get an idea and start to write rather than the much more  methodical way of constructing a plan. I have tried the plan thing but it just doesn’t work for me. It’s annoying because I’m sure it would simplify things but there you are … anyone who knows me also knows that great forward planning is not my forte. Fortunately, I have a husband who is much better at it than I am.

This is a rathe long winded way of saying that I don’t have much to report on my new book at the moment! I have an outline sorted but it’s the linking together of all the strands that is proving something of a challenge. At some point, when I’ve got my opening chapter sorted I may well post it here to get some feedback on it. If you enjoy doing that sort of thing, do please sign up to my website above as I take readers’ feedback very seriously and it’s really helpful. By signing up you will also automatically be offered a free copy of Cry From The Grave ,if you haven’t already read that.

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Bye for now and keep reading … it’s what keeps me writing! 😉